Labor Management System

Go from “what happened?”
to what’s happening.

We use time-based standards and historical data, so managers can focus on improving performance and operational metrics instead of on managing a team of costly engineers and a technology that’s outdated as soon as it hits the floor.

Reduce your upfront and lifetime effort and your cost compared to LMS providers with engineered standards.

Rebus Labor Management System provides consistent measurement across facilities and role-based visibility of performance at specific locations or across the network. You get more accurate hiring and scheduling predictability and more accurate financial results.

Most labor management systems struggle to keep up with the evolving changes to products, locations, and processes. Rebus Labor Management System leverages the historical data of your warehouse operations to get smarter over time without disruptive and costly projects.

Know who’s doing what and when with Rebus Labor Management System.

Work smarter.

No more spreadsheets. Rebus Labor Management System gives you everything you need to track performance during the shift and get what needs to be done done.

Instantly track any of your warehouses from anywhere in the world.

How can Rebus Labor Management System help me?


Avoid costly, inefficient implementations and upgrades


Own a solution that you will actually use now and that will get even smarter over time


Close productivity gaps with performance and utilization insights


Improve productivity with a robust solution with powerful features

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Rebus® Labor Management System

Managing labor is hard. Your technology shouldn’t be.

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“After a little over six months on Rebus Labor Management System, our annualized savings was approximately 9% off labor spending.”

Ryan Donoghue

Director of Operations & Continuous Improvement, Accuristix

“If Rebus were no longer available, I would be looking to Longbow Advantage to offer something even better. Rebus has raised the bar to the point where I would not be looking to the standard labor management systems on the market today, but would be looking for something new that I haven’t seen before.”

Head of North American Warehousing

Global Food Manufacturing Company

“Rebus offers a lot more than the standard LMS on the market; it drives additional warehouse opportunities beyond measurements against engineered standards. You can compare warehouses and networks against each other, gain deep-dive views into inventory, and see in real-time how your network is performing.”

Erin Mitchell

Head of North American Warehousing, Kraft Heinz

“We have the data we need to make proactive planning decisions based on insights we wouldn’t have had without Rebus. It’s unbelievable”

Director of Client Solutions

Rebus pulls the data from your WMS and other disparate systems and harmonizes everything onto easy-to-use widgets so you know what’s happening in your warehouse in real-time.

Rebus is the ultimate Extended Warehouse & Labor Management Platform for supply chains that empowers your team to unlock their potential and maximize results.

It’s your data. Unlock it.

What will you unlock today?