3PL Billing

Simplify your billing with Rebus.

Rebus 3PL Billing can easily be customized to any customer logic for payment terms, billing cycles, disparate WMS nomenclature, metrics of measurement and more.

As each client and function is different, setup unique terms while mapping one transaction to multiple billing events or vice versa to give you complete control and flexibility over invoicing.

Reduce your invoicing time from weeks to hours.

Custom-built for the warehouse, Rebus 3PL Billing is easy to use and scales to help even the most organized business become more efficient.

Real-time visibility is at the core across the entire Rebus platform. That means 3PL clients will have real-time access to order status and movement across the supply chain helping them monitor, plan, and execute more efficiently.

With all this real-time automation and efficiency, what happens when something unexpected arises? No worries, with Rebus 3PL Billing, you can make any ad-hoc changes necessary.

Speaking of billing, they say time is money. Save both.

Flexible and robust invoicing and reporting with Rebus 3PL Billing

Simplify your billing


Rebus 3PL Billing allows 3PLs to manage charges and invoicing for their clients.

Keeps your third party billing in the same place as your data.

No more hopping between apps.

How can Rebus 3PL Billing help me?


Configure each client individually. Charges, Billing Cycles, Invoice configurations, customize and fit them to each client.


Group Functional Areas to different cycles. e.g. Monthly Cycle for Storage, Weekly for Receiving


Map billing events to charges flexibly. Associate a single billing event to multiple one-time or recurring charges.


Automate the invoice approval process. More time saved, more money saved. You’re welcome.

Product Sheet

Rebus® 3PL Billing

Flexible and transparent processes for each client across the network. Rebus 3PL Billing automates billing process for each client, optimizing for time and performance.

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“Rebus has given us visibility into our network that we have never seen before. We can quickly view snapshots of our operations and get feedback on potential risks. With Rebus I can effectively inquire about various day-to-day activities in all my sites without getting lost in the weeds.”

Ryan Donoghue

Director of Operations & Continuous Improvement, Accuristix

“Their creativity in devising solutions to complex problems really impressed me. [They] understand our business. That makes such a difference, and you won’t find that with just any supplier.”

Chris Redpath

Director of Supply Chain Solutions, Accuristix

“It’s flexible, accurate, and easy to use; You set your widget up, put your criteria in, choose the date range you want, then boom, you got it.”

Sean Gordon

Regional Director, Subaru of America

“We have been able to build widgets and share them with our clients to provide them with full visibility, giving them the ability to make proactive business decisions based on insights they might not have necessarily had without the support of Rebus. It’s unbelievable that a year’s worth of data can be pulled and compiled in a matter of seconds.”

Jason Speirs

Director of Client Solutions, Accuristix

Rebus pulls the data from your WMS and other disparate systems and harmonizes everything onto easy-to-use widgets so you know what’s happening in your warehouse in real-time.

Rebus is the ultimate Extended Warehouse & Labor Management Platform for supply chains that empowers your team to unlock their potential and maximize results.

It’s your data. Unlock it.

What will you unlock today?