Transform your warehouse people management with real-time data.

Being an HR professional in the warehouse is a tall task.

We know the various challenges you face that impact your ability to manage your workforce effectively. Warehouse data software might seem like something that only warehouse workers and management should care about, but Rebus is different.

Rebus is the ultimate Extended Warehouse & Labor Management Platform.

It’s built for the warehouse, but what it does can help you overcome the labor, retention, and productivity challenges that you face as an HR pro.

With real-time data, visibility, and labor management, Rebus helps create optimized schedules, ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time. That means reduced overtime and burnout, and increased employee satisfaction, which can improve retention and reduce turnover.

With access to real-time data reporting, your warehouse management can streamline their processes, optimize workflows, and reduce labor costs by enabling your employees to work more efficiently.

With real-time performance monitoring you can foster a positive work environment by providing real-time feedback. Improve employee satisfaction by implementing a pay-for-performance program. Rebus can handle it all, without the need for costly engineered standards.

Rebus integrates seamlessly with your current WMS and other software, ensuring smooth data flow and efficient communication between platforms. All in real-time.

Transform your warehouse operations and overcome staffing challenges by choosing Rebus – the ultimate Extended Warehouse & Labor Management Platform.

Learn how Rebus helped these leading companies improve employee satisfaction and increase labor productivity!


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Rebus is the ultimate Extended Warehouse & Labor Management Platform.

Real-time visibility comes standard.
Add only the products you need to make Rebus the one-stop platform for your warehouse.


Get real-time visibility into your data

You own your data, don’t let it own you. Get what you need to make decisions in the moment.


Know who’s doing what and when

No more spreadsheets. Use Intelligent Labor to track performance in your warehouse and across your entire company.


Connect to any WMS

We don’t discriminate. Rebus is platform agnostic, so it works with every WMS. Even home grown solutions.


One-click Inventory Management

No more sending emails and playing phone tag all day. Recalls, expirations, and shipping updates can all be updated effortlessly. Manage your inventory from everywhere.


Plan for the future

Your Magic 8 Ball. Labor Planning lets you create intelligent forecasts so you can staff each shift for maximum productivity.


Simplify your billing

So.many.apps. 3PL Billing keeps your third party billing in the same place as your data. No more hopping between apps.


Always up to date

Updating software is a pain. Rebus is based in the cloud, so you automatically get every update we make. You’re welcome.


You’re not alone

No pitch and ditch. The Rebus Support Team is only a chat away. Plus, we offer tutorials for you do-it-yourselfers. You know who you are.

What does Rebus come with?

Warehouse Visibility

Intelligent Labor

Labor Planning

Global Inventory Management

3PL Billing


Warehouse Visibility

It all starts with real-time visibility. This is the backbone of the Rebus Platform. You can’t afford to wait until tomorrow’s productivity reports. In today’s supply chain, even end of shift is too late. The future of data visibility is real-time access from anywhere in the world.

  • Access to all your data now. Seriously, right now.
  • Connect disparate systems. Sit back, let Rebus do the translating for you.
  • Platform agnostic. It doesn’t matter where your data lives, Rebus can get it.
  • Actionable data. Easy-to-read widgets display your data in a way that makes sense.

Intelligent Labor

Go from “what happened?” to what’s happening.

Rebus Intelligent Labor builds upon the real-time visibility and reporting that comes with Warehouse Visibility. In fact, it’s the only advanced labor management system that doesn’t rely on engineered standards and costly projects.

  • Avoid costly, inefficient implementations and upgrades
  • Own a solution that you will actually use now and that will get even smarter over time
  • Close productivity gaps with performance and utilization insights
  • Improve productivity with a robust solution with powerful features

Labor Planning

On budget and on time.

Rebus Labor Planning gives you the ability to predict your future labor needs, as well as real-time insight into progress against your planned labor. Use agnostic labor planning to read historical data from Rebus Intelligent Labor or any other LMS so you can forecast your staffing goals effectively.

  • Gives you a single labor planning solution that works across a global network
  • Connect to Rebus or any LMS effortlessly
  • Predict labor requirements accurately based on historical data that’s easy to access
  • Data reporting on easy-to-read, customizable widgets
  • Optimize costs and productivity with custom, real-time performance metrics and dashboards

Global Inventory Management

Protect yourself from massive financial risk by improving your inventory fulfillment and traceability. Update inventory statuses and create status changes across your entire distribution network with a click—from anywhere in the world. Rebus aggregates data across sites, WMS systems, nomenclatures, and products lines to provide a complete snapshot of your inventory, all in real-time.

  • Get a holistic view of inventory across your entire network.
  • Visibility updates every few hours? Try minutes.
  • Never open another spreadsheet again. (Well, at least not for this).
  • Safeguard your brand with improved fulfillment.
  • Make updates across your entire network with the click of a button.

3PL Billing

Simplify your billing with Rebus.

Rebus 3PL Billing can easily be customized to any customer logic for payment terms, billing cycles, disparate WMS nomenclature, metrics of measurement, and more. Get complete control and flexibility over invoicing and reduce your invoicing time from weeks to hours.

  • Configure each client individually
  • Group Functional Areas to different cycles. e.g. Monthly Cycle for Storage, Weekly for Receiving
  • Map billing events to charges flexibly
  • Build reports directly in Rebus
  • Automate the invoice approval process


Where’s that bill of lading again? Oh, that’s right, it’s safely stored in the cloud. If you’ve ever had to search through a pile of crumbled, torn, smudged paper BOLs, then you we feel your pain. We’ve been there. And if you’ve ever realized that one has been lost…

That’s why we made Rebus eBOL. And we designed it to integrate seamlessly with Smart BOL.

  • Integrates Rebus with SmartBOL for seamless access
  • IT team doesn’t need to setup BOLs in the WMS
  • Allows the warehouse to move from paper-based BOLs to a completely digitized process with little to no human intervention
  • Users can historically retrieve and view all BOLs

Need a little more convincing on how awesome Rebus is?

We don’t like to brag… so we’ll let our customers do it for us.

“After a little over six months on Rebus Intelligent Labor, our annualized savings was approximately 9% off labor spending.”

Ryan Donoghue

Director of Operations & Continuous Improvement, Accuristix

“Rebus solved in 2 weeks what internal teams had been trying to solve for over 2 years.”

Industry-Leading Global Food Manufacturer

“Rebus offers a lot more than the standard LMS on the market; it drives additional warehouse opportunities beyond measurements against engineered standards. You can compare warehouses and networks against each other, gain deep-dive views into inventory, and see in real-time how your network is performing.”

Erin Mitchell

Head of North American Warehousing, Kraft Heinz

“Without Rebus, I would have to turn back the clock 10 years, return to excel spreadsheets and archive reports. I would struggle or I would be looking for something just like Rebus.”

Ryan Donoghue

Director of Operations & Continuous Improvement, Accuristix

Still have questions?

Here are some of the most common ones from HR professionals.
  • What WMS system do you work with?

    We’ve never met a WMS we didn’t get along with. We’ve connected to homegrown WMSs, AS400 Green Screen, Blue Yonder, Korber Manhattan, SAP EWM, Tecsys, etc.

  • What’s the cost? Per seat or site level?

    Rebus is as unique as your warehouse. That’s why we customize the Subscription cost according to the number of sites you have and how many warehouse associates are doing measured activity.

  • How much time do we need for a demo?

    75 minutes. Like a feature length film without all the fluff.

  • Can you tell me what the setup and implementation effort looks like?

    We’ll need a minimal amount of time from your IT team. Most of the time required during the implementation phase will be with operations and functional experts. The overall setup and implementation effort can vary depending on how many supply chain systems we connect to.

  • How many weeks does an implementation take?

    6-8 weeks for the first site. Less ongoing per site. We value your time and ours. 😉

  • Do you have to use engineered standards?

    Nope. Rebus monitors task performance and recommends adjustments based on actual performance. But we do have the capability to ingest engineered standards if you’ve got ’em and want to keep ’em.

  • How often do you update your product?

    Monthly. We’re constantly adding new benefits, features, and ways to make Rebus work better for you.

  • What’s the typical ROI?

    We don’t like to brag, but by posting associates rates customers will see a minimum of 5% ROI. The average is 10%. You’re welcome.

  • Can we have a Security/Architecture review?

    Absolutely. We take security seriously. The Rebus team has a security team that will brief and answer your questions regarding architecture and security of our platform. Did we mention Rebus has been SOC 2 compliant for 6 years in a row?

  • What does support look like?

    We want you to get the most from Rebus. We include Basic support in the cost of your Rebus Subscription. You can get ahold of our team Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. If you need more comprehensive support or managed services, you can purchase those.

Still have questions? See our full FAQ