What will you unlock today?

Rebus is the ultimate Extended Warehouse & Labor Management Platform for supply chains that empowers your team to unlock their potential and maximize results.

It’s your data. Unlock it.

Rebus is platform agnostic, so it works with every WMS. Even home grown solutions.

Warehouse Visibility

Lights, camera, data.

It all starts with real-time visibility.

When you unlock your data with Rebus you don’t just get access to it. You can see it.

Custom widgets show your data in a way that helps you see what you need to know so you can take action.

Warehouse Visibility is the heart of the Rebus platform. Seeing is believing.

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Labor Management System

Work smarter.

No more spreadsheets. Rebus Labor Management System gives you everything you need to track performance during the shift and get what needs to be done done.

Instantly track any of your warehouses from anywhere in the world.

Know who’s doing what and when with Rebus Labor Management System.

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Labor Planning

Labor Planning is your Magic 8 Ball.

The Rebus Labor Planning module looks ahead so you can staff each shift and season for maximum productivity. Hire smarter with Labor Planning.

Compare historical data to current trends and create smart forecasts so you’re never blindsided by the unexpected.

See the future with Rebus Labor Planning.

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3PL Billing

Simplify your billing


Rebus 3PL Billing allows 3PLs to manage charges and invoicing for their clients.

Keeps your third party billing in the same place as your data. No more hopping between apps.

Flexible and robust invoicing and reporting with Rebus 3PL Billing

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Global Inventory Management

One-click Inventory Control

Maybe a bajillion emails and phone tag are how you like to spend your day. Not us. Manage your inventory with a click.

Recalls, expirations, and shipping updates are all just a click away.

Easy, breezy, Inventory Control.

Control your inventory with Rebus Global Inventory Management.

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Goodbye paper. Hello digital.

Easily store, retrieve, and sort all your bills of lading. Access them with a click.

Throw your smudgy, wrinkled, and torn paper BOLs in the trash. Move to a completely digital process.

Never lose another bill of lading. Move to eBOL.

Ditch the paper with Rebus eBOL.

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