Inventory Management

Sure, it’s a mouthful. But it protects you from massive financial risk by improving your inventory fulfillment and traceability. Who doesn’t want that?

Update inventory statuses and create status changes across your entire distribution network with a click—from anywhere in the world.

Rebus helps make the most of your inventory. It aggregates data across sites, WMS systems, nomenclatures, and products lines to provide a complete snapshot of your inventory, all in real-time.

And because teams have real-time access to inventory by status, they can manage their processes, people, and products to ensure they are maximizing fulfillment.

Everything doesn’t always goes according to plan (hello, disruption). That’s why we built Rebus with full traceability. Drill down to a specific batch and know exactly where it is in the supply chain. Be the hero that saves the day.

Reduce risk, time, and wasted inventory. When you change the status of inventory and it gets updated across all systems while creating a realtime feedback loop to ensure that all data across WMS systems and ERPs are consistent.

It’s your inventory. Control it.

Control your inventory with Rebus Global Inventory Management.

One-click Inventory Control

Maybe a bajillion emails and phone tag are how you like to spend your day. Not us. Manage your inventory with a click.

Recalls, expirations, and shipping updates are all just a click away.

Easy, breezy, Inventory Control.

How can Rebus Global Inventory Management help me?


Get a holistic view of inventory across your entire network.


Visibility updates every few hours? Try minutes.


Never open another spreadsheet again. (Well, at least not for this).


Make updates across your entire network with the click of a button.

Product Sheet

Rebus® Global Inventory Management

Improved fulfillment that safeguards your brand.

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“Before Rebus, each one of these pieces would have to be an individual lookup by an employee. Now it is an immediate glance to what is left for the day, along with what is left to release, updating every 2 minutes.”

Head of North American Warehousing, Global Food Manufacturing Company

“Rebus solved in 2 weeks what internal teams had been trying to solve for over 2 years.”

Industry-Leading Global Food Manufacturer

“It’s flexible, accurate, and easy to use; You set your widget up, put your criteria in, choose the date range you want, then boom, you got it.”

Sean Gordon

Regional Director, Subaru of America

“At Longbow, we are very happy to have found a reliable partner rather than just a service provider… Their creativity in designing solutions to complex problems really impressed me and was so important in meeting our requirements… l one of the biggest keys to their effectiveness is to understand our business.”

Chris Redpath

Director and Supply Chain Solutions, Accuristix

Rebus pulls the data from your WMS and other disparate systems and harmonizes everything onto easy-to-use widgets so you know what’s happening in your warehouse in real-time.

Rebus is the ultimate Extended Warehouse & Labor Management Platform for supply chains that empowers your team to unlock their potential and maximize results.

It’s your data. Unlock it.

What will you unlock today?