Rebus is not a WMS. It’s not just an LMS.

It’s a purpose-built, platform-agnostic solution for teams whose digital strategy has outgrown the capabilities of their WMS.

The what

Rebus is developed by Longbow Advantage, a premier distribution and logistics implementation consulting company.

Rebus connects all the disparate systems across your entire network. Whether you have one warehouse, or one hundred warehouses spread around the globe, Rebus pulls real-time data from your WMS, LMS, TMS, and other systems and presents it for you in easy-to-read widgets, providing you with the insights you need to make crucial decisions in the moment.

The why

In fact, it’s safe to say that no amount of raw data will help you manage your warehouse or your company more effectively. It’s only when that raw data is brought together in one place and made easy to visualize that you can begin to understand it, let alone utilize it to run a more profitable company.

That’s where Rebus starts. It pulls data in real-time across disparate systems and platforms and presents it to you in easy-to-understand, visual widgets. Once you know what’s really going on in your warehouse, you can lead effectively.

The start

In 2017, Longbow Advantage CEO, Gerry Brady, realized there was no software solution specifically designed to provide distribution and supply chain execution insights. That’s when the idea for Rebus was born. And Rebus was purpose-built to fill that gap.

In 2021, we held our first ever Rebus User Conference, NOW 2021, in Nashville, TN. It was an instant hit and we’ve continued to host the NOW conference in various cities across North America every year since.

The name

Rebus is an old Latin word that means “by things.” It’s a puzzle in which words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters. It’s way of turning a word (data) into something visual image. And that’s what Rebus does for the supply chain. It visualizes your data to make it easier to understand so you can take action.

The Rebus platform takes data (words) and represents them visually (images).

The trust

We take data security seriously. That’s why all Rebus data at rest is stored on encrypted volumes. Data in transit is encrypted at two levels: TLS and an additional encryption of data before transfer. Networks are protected by firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and endpoint detection and response. External user access to the environment utilizes a VPN connection.

The Rebus Platform has received SOC2 Type II certification every year since 2017.

We’re GDPR compliant with data protection and data subject rights for EU residents.

The Rebus Platform is maintained in accordance with industry best practices and the company’s own policies. Individual teams are established to maintain the application and corresponding databases, ensure that services provided meet the company’s quality and security standards, and perform system upgrades after proper approval and review.

We maintain policies and procedures for privacy, data classification, and data disposal that outline how personal information is collected, used, retained, disclosed, and disposed of in accordance with the company’s commitments.
Data can only be accessed or changed by authorized application service accounts and authorized database users.

The values

Empowering our people and enabling our customers to positively impact everyday lives by transforming supply chains.

To revolutionize supply chains through innovative solutions while prioritizing people

People (teamwork, growth, inclusion), Integrity, Empathy.

The team

Ready to join an elite team that’s pioneering new services and technology? Being well rewarded for your skills, in an environment that welcomes new ideas and approaches? Determined to find a company that’s willing to invest in your success?

If so, you’re (almost) on the right career page. The Rebus Platform is built by the team at Longbow Advantage. Please head over to our Careers page to see all available positions.

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The locations

Rebus is an extended warehouse platform built by the team at Longbow Advantage. Longbow Advantage is a Canadian company that serves customers in the U.S., Canada, and around the world. We have offices located in Canada and the U.S.


Longbow Advantage HQ – Montréal Office

7250 Mile End Street #201 Montréal, QC, H2R 3A4 Canada


Ann Arbor Office

455 E. Eisenhower Parkway, Suite 60 Ann Arbor, MI 48108 United States


Mississauga Office

2000 Argentia Road Plaza 2, Suite 107 Mississauga, ON, L5N 1V8 Canada