Reducing Food Waste with Real-time Visibility

A Case Study

Written by Travis Hinkle

On June 27, 2024


Fourteen percent of all food produced globally is lost between harvest and retail. In total, we waste an estimated 1.3 billon metric tons of food annually, translating to a financial loss of $1 trillion per year. It’s affecting the bottom line, the planet, and it’s wasted food that could have fed millions of people.

On Thursday, July 25 at 12pm ET, Mike Babiak, Director of Operational Excellence at Longbow Advantage, will share how Rebus helped a major fresh fruit company optimize their product rotation with real-time analytics to maximize their berry freshness, leading to a sustained 20% improvement on accepted vs rejected deliveries.

Don’t miss this insightful look at how to decrease food waste, increase profit, and maximize freshness. Join Mike on Thursday, July 25 at 12pm ET.


Mike Babiak
Director of Operational Excellence
Longbow Advantage

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